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On-line words

מילים ברשת במרחק קליק :-)

Anyone can read on-line words
everywhere in the world.
How will mine come across?
If I wrote "Dark"…
will it convey the
vast majestic magic of the night,
or evoke an ominous dread?
Or can "Dark" be read as "Light"
by someone different?



Diaphanous Diction on d'Verse made me smile. I too love words. Without them there'd be no imagination, thought, expression and understanding (to name but a few).
However they do sometimes lead to misunderstanding too. Even when I blogged locally, in my native language, I was amazed at the times I was understood as saying the exact opposite to what I meant. Which is why "going global", in English on WordPress, was a bit daunting. Hence the above on-line words…

And as for my go-to poet, that would be Rachel. Click here if curious :-)


מילים ברשת

כל אחד יכול לקרוא מילים ברשת
מכל מקום בעולם.
איך שלי מתקבלות?
לוּ כתבתי "חשיכה"…
ההיה מובהר
קסמו המלכותי העצום של הלילה,
או שהייתה מתעוררת תחושת פחד?
או שמא "חשיכה" הייתה נקראת כ"אור"
על-ידי מישהו אחר?



פוסט המילים בדיוורס העלה חיוך על פני. גם אני אוהבת מילים. בלעדיהן לא יהיו דמיון, מחשבה, הבעה והבנה (אם לציין אך קמעה).
אולם, הן לפעמים יכולות להוביל לאי-הבנה. גם כשכתבתי מקומית ובעברית, נדהמתי בכל פעם שהובנתי כאומרת את ההיפך ממה שהתכוונתי. לכן המעבר לכתיבה גלובלית, באנגלית בוורדפרס, היה מעט מפחיד. על כן המילים שברשת לעיל…

37 תגובות בנושא “On-line words

  1. For me dark is the night but I agree with you that it lead to different meanings for others ~ I just believe we need to be careful when we do write with words open to a lot of interpretation ~ Thank s for the share ~


    1. I agree with you :-) (though some forms may seem almost scientific). But I'll grab this chance to also let you know that I just tried to read your own post. Alas, my old computer and slow connection could not cope with it :-/ I'm sorry

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  2. That's OK.. that your

    Processor and Internet speed..

    does not permit you to visit my blog..

    and thanks for taking the time and effort

    to explain that.. AND truly i come

    to poetry to escape science

    and there are no poetic forms or rules i desire to or will ever comply with

    as art is the pART of my heART i refuse to lose.. in a frigging world

    that is already systemizing science ENOUGH NOW that will take

    the 'Terminator 6' to destroy now.. Haha!.. My posts are just

    'Trojan Horses' of sorts.. that compromise much bandwidth

    and processor speed hogging attributes at once..

    the real brevity of poetry stuff is in my comments..

    after all i say and dance is done for now..IN

    responding to the inspiring words of others..

    AND thanks for being so understanding..

    as that's another rare commodity..

    i find in now to today..:)


    1. And thank you too :-) Of course you would and should refuse to lose art (and loved what you did there with the pART and heART!). I will try again tomorrow morning. For some reason my PC sometimes does better in the morning. Sometimes

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    1. Well, I did manage to read your blogspot post, but it didn't allow me to comment as WP, so here is what I wanted to say: I like your enthusiasm and love of life :-). I also agree with some of what you say, for instance – about 1984. Such a pity the world took warnings like that and treated them as recommendations. I'm sorry, but I stopped reading when you got to politics. I'm a-political myself
      Besides, convention isn't really a close friend of mine

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  3. Semantic noise also seems to haunt every communication system. A man may sincerely say, ‘I love fish,’ and two listeners may both hear him correctly, yet the two will neurosemantically file this in their brains under opposite categories. One will think the man loves to dine on fish, and the other will think he loves to keep fish (in an aquarium. – This quote by Robert Anton Wilson immediately came to mind in reading your poem. It is very difficult to convey meaning when we cannot understand the context of another's thinking even when there is a desire and sincerity for both parties for understanding. Well said!


    1. Wow, I never thought about that… thanks! and yes – I see what you mean. But unfortunately a human being can be even more intricate in reading. A title can set someone on a wrong track into misunderstanding the rest completely


    1. It didn't occur to me either, until an unpleasant incident taught me. So I'm glad you were spared that. But you know – we are all only human, we can't think of every possible aspect of everything. We can only try and hope for the best

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  4. Interestingly I just did a post on my idea blog about the many components of language .

    showing the challenges

    Damn, this Hebrew right set thing makes it impossible to comment easily here.

    If I were writing in Urdu, or Arabic, it may be less frustrating.


    1. Sorry about the Hebrew. Next time you stop by, you can try to right click on the comment field. You should get a popup box which includes "writing direction". If you hover over that, you’ll get another popup, offering options to change text justification. There's also a permanent commenting tip on the sidebar of my blog to remind you

      And I'll stop by yours in a moment. Thanks for the invite


    1. מן הסתם אני מזדהה איתך, אך לתחושה שאני לא מובנת אני די רגילה.
      אני לא יכולה להתרגל למקרים בהם מי שלא הבין/נה ממש נפגעו ממה שנדמה להם שכתבתי. במיוחד כשזה קרה דווקא כאשר ניסיתי מאד להיות הכי ברורה שאפשר. ומבחינתי זה לא רק מתסכל, זה גם מעיק. הרי אין ולא יכולה להיות לי שום כוונה לפגוע במישהו, חלילה.


  5. You know that is a very deep and basic question. The writer and the reader come with different backgrounds and experiences so what does "dark" mean to each one? But that's part of what makes writing so wonderful, when something we write has a special signifigance to someone else. Though, sometimes it's amazing we can communicate at all!


  6. it is true – words can be misunderstood easily – and everyone reads poetry with the ir own glasses and background and puts the things into it they carry with them. for me – i calcualate misunderstandings in and kinda release my poetry in to the wind and let people see in it what they want to … it's exciting as well to see the different interpretations… smiles


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