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Freely Given

ניתן בחינם

Of all possible interpretations to what this guy is doing, I must admit I prefer the simplest – reading aloud.
Of all possible reading material, that which comes in the shape and form of a scroll can very easily be Ancient Wisdom.
Him reading it in the middle of an everyday street, and he's just giving Ancient Wisdom away to anyone, regardless of anything (ethnicity, gender, income and such).

The Reader
The Reader

Now, we're all taught (since forever, or so it seems) that size doesn't matter. If you only look at the sparkle of the tiniest diamond, you just know that to be true. However, this guy being not so tiny, makes me think of him imparting with more knowledge than the average reader (even if just that all is relative…).

Well, here is where I failed. I wanted people around him to have some frame of reference and (at first) there weren't any. Even the office building behind him isn't saying much. So I don't have a lot of choice other than uploading a bad photo:

An Awful Photo
An Awful Photo

in which you can try comparing him with the perfectly ordinary flagpoles (or the people sitting next to them, if you can make them out).

Had this second shot been better, it would have been it! for me, having different flags to reiterate the "for all, no matter what" idea.



מכל הפרשנויות האפשריות ל-מה שהאיש הזה עושה, אני חייבת להודות בהעדפתי את הפשוטה מכל – מקריא בקול.
מכל חומרי הקריאה האפשריים, זה המגיע בגודל וצורה של מגילה, יכול בקלות רבה להיות חוכמה עתיקה.
וזה שהוא מקריא באמצע רחוב יומיומי – הוא פשוט נותן חוכמה עתיקה לכל מי שעובר, בלי שום קשר לכלום (מוצא, מגדר, הכנסה וכו').


כעת, את כולנו מלמדים (מאז ומתמיד, כך נדמה) כי הגודל לא משנה. רק להסתכל על ברק היהלום הכי קטנטן וברור שזו אמת. אבל-ברם-אולם, היות והאיש הזה ממש לא קטן, אני מוצאת עצמי חושבת עליו כעל נותן הרבה יותר ידע מהמקריא הממוצע (גם אם רק ההמחשה שהכל יחסי…).

ובכן, זה המקום בו נכשלתי. רציתי עוד אנשים מסביב, כקנה מידה, אך (בתחילה) לא היו כאלו. אפילו בניין המשרדים שמאחור לא באמת אומר כלום. כך שאין לי ברירה אלא להעלות גם את התמונה הגרועה:

צילום נורא
צילום נורא

בה ניתן להשוות אותו עם תרני הדגלים הרגילים לחלוטין (או, אם אפשר לפענח אותם, האנשים שיושבים לידם).

אם צילום שני זה היה מוצלח, הוא היה זה! מבחינתי, היות והדגלים השונים מדגישים את רעיון ה-בשביל כולם, בלי שום קשר לכלום.


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7 תגובות בנושא “Freely Given

  1. I love your reasoning here. Maybe he's so big to show the importance of what you have just said. You can't really miss him, can you? It looks like he's about 3 stories tall. Is that right? I also like the perspective of your first photo, looking up. It's like you are looking like a child who is being read to.


    1. I think you're right and he may be three stories tall, but I never thought of it in these terms so I can't really decide, now that I'm not near him.
      But he was put in a rather unfortunate place, and his color blends too much with the greenery behind him and the shade of the tall buildings on his two sides. So I actually did miss him when I first rode the bus by him. Had he been of marble… (but that may have been too much…). When you stand next to him, you can't help not feel like a child, maybe even a baby, because he really is so tall.
      I'm glad you liked him :-) as he was my inspiration

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I'm glad to see I succeeded in switching the text direction here… it was slightly disconcerting when it was going the 'wrong' way… :) Although I should be used to things being done the 'wrong' way because I'm a Continental who lives in England where they flick the light switches the 'wrong' way and they drive on the 'wrong' side of the road… to mention just a couple of things. :)
    Apologies for the digression. :)
    I love the good photo and the bad photo does help about the scale. But I liked the your text to go with the photo as much as the photo if not more!
    (And now I'll try to figure out which button around here means 'submit comment'.)


    1. Oh, I consider my blog the free zone – (almost) anything goes, even digressions :-) (sometimes – especially. Obviously I knew about the driving, but light switches? That's new to me…). But first – I thank you for braving the text direction. I know the whole thing can be daunting. And you have (!) succeeded. On the dashboard it comes out perfect. It's just the visual that looks like dots are at the beginning of a sentence instead of the end.
      And second – thank you too for your very kind words. The minute I saw this statue, this is what I felt about it, but snapping the photo and building the whole post into something coherent took me some time this time. I'm glad you liked it


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