המחוייך | With A Smile

על הגג 2 On the Roof

הצצתי מחלון הדירה בה אני גרה | I took a peek from my window

היי, מפה רואים יותר | hey, you can see more from here

well, I'm not too fond of this cat (putting it mildly. This is a grumpy street cat, that looks rather aggressive). But when I saw him, not just on a nearby roof but also on top of the hot-water tank upon this roof, I thought – there, he's found himself a special place.

ובכן, אני לא בדיוק מתלהבת מהחתול המסוים הזה (בלשון המעטה. זה חתול רחוב זועף במיוחד, שנראה תוקפני). אבל כשראיתי אותו, לא רק על גג מבנה קרוב אלא מעל דוד המים שעל הגג הזה, חשבתי ש-הנה, מצא לעצמו מקום מיוחד.

למחרת … The next day

רחצת בוקר | morning wash

ראיתי אותו באותו מקום, עסוק בניקיון | I saw him in the same place, busy cleaning up

והבוקר | And this morning

באה מנוחה ליגע | resting

בהחלט מקום מצוין לנמנום | definitely a good place for a nap


I Don't Get It·המחוייך | With A Smile

התחרדנות | Lazing in the Sun

מדי פעם אני נתקלת במשהו לא ברור | Sometimes I stumble on something unclear

כמו הפסלים הללו | like these statues

רעיונות, מישהו – לגבי מה זה ? Ideas, anyone – what can this be

אבל רגע, מה מציץ שם ? But wait, what is that, there

התחרדנות | Lazing in the Sun
התחרדנות | Lazing in the Sun

אני מניחה כי זה שימוש ראוי | I guess this is a good use for it


המחוייך | With A Smile

The Roof Cat and her Mysteries

לעברית, קליק פה.

From the very first glance I hurried to document. And went on ever since: a good place to nap…

a wonderful camouflage for the hunter…

But I didn't manage to document her investigation of, and her lounging on, the roof itself, seeming to think – 'all this is mine…'.
In all my enthusiasm I totally forgot cats do not really like to be looked at. And this one is funny in this aspect. This mystery (what does she do there? A mystery that puzzled me since the first photo) I managed to solve. This is what she does: she sits and stares at this window or that, trying to hypnotize whoever lives behind it to feed her. But apparently she does not like it when one is looking back at her.
So, lately, whenever she catches the crazy woman, she vanishes. 'Crazy' to her because not only did I not get hypnotized into feeding her (how could I? Not my roof, not for me to drop things on it, especially when I have no access to clean up after her), but also with this weird black box, with the silver cylinder popping out, attached to my hand (read – camera).

So, this mystery solved (meaning – why has she stopped inspecting and resting on the roof. And, of course, I stopped burdening her with my glances), another mystery remained – how did this cat even get on the roof of the neighbors' extension in the first place? Especially considering the neighbors are dog people, and always have one, generally unchained in the yard…

Well, this is how it normally looks:

Legend: on the right, the clothes lines of the neighbor from the right. In the middle – a hedge. On the left, the neighbors form the left, that have added an awning of sorts above the walk between their home and the hedge.
Since the awning, the occasional gardener (from the right) trims the hedge on the side and on top, to where he can see/reach. Which leaves what was not trimmed to cover the awning.

This cat climbs through the hedge to the awning, either on its' near side (from the right neighbor, next to the building's wall) or from the far side (seen in the photo above, from the garden preceding the one of the neighbor). From there, the jump to the roof is not much (a meter, maybe. That is 3.28 feet).

To me, this seems a pretty wise cat. Others of her kind have discovered the tiled roof above me and the space between it and me (above my ceiling). But those treated it like some kind of race course. Every now and then (more precisely – at night, when I was asleep) they would land heavily (right above my head) and gallop through the space. Sometimes – several times during the same night.
Unlike them, this cat has set up her residence in there (most nights, not all). Pretty smart of her, since it can provide her some protection from the winter. It may not be warm there, and probably is dusty, filthy and musty. But at least it is protection from the wind (maybe) and the rain (mainly).

And that is it, mysteries solved.
Keep warm,

המחוייך | With A Smile

מציצים | Peeping

Every morning I like to open the shades and peep out, to see for myself what kind of day we're going to have. If ever I was looked back at, it was either a winged creature or a human, that had climbed the neighbor's roof to fix this or that.
Therefore you can imagine how much I was surprised when…

בכל בוקר אני אוהבת לפתוח את התריס והחוצה להציץ, כדי לגלות בעצמי איזה מן יום יהיה לנו. אם אי פעם הסתכלו עלי חזרה, היו אלו יצורים מכונפים, או בני אדם, שעלו על גג השכנים לתקן משהו פה ושם.
אי לכך ובהתאם לזו, ניתן בהחלט לדמיין כמה הופתעתי כאשר…

חתול/ה על גג השכנים | a cat on the neighbor's roof

בתקווה לחודש נעים | hoping for a pleasant month

רגעי דעה | Opinions

משעול החתולים | Cat Lane

Sometimes, early in a morning, I pass the Cat Lane. That's where they are, witting. To whoever feeds them.
One can argue about feeding street cats – either for or against

מדי פעם, מוקדם בבוקר, אני חולפת במשעול החתולים. ושם הללו נמצאים, ממתינים. לבואו של יהא אשר יהיה מי שמאכיל אותם.
אפשר להתווכח על האכלת חתולי רחוב – בעד או נגד

But at least a public lane is better than a residential building

אך לפחות משעול ציבורי עדיף על פני בית פרטי

Cats tend to dominate staircases and door mats

חתולים נוטים להשתלט על חדרי מדרגות ושטיחוני סף

And also streak out with a vengeance as neighbors approach

ונוטים גם לברוח בשצף-קצף בהתקרב שכנים

In public the cats disturb no one

בשטח ציבורי, אין החתולים מפריעים לאיש


המחוייך | With A Smile

מפגש חשאי | A Clandestine Encounter

To photograph the chairs of my previous post, I went to the park several times. And yesterday morning I was surprised.

כדי לצלם את הכיסאות מהפוסט הקודם, הלכתי אל הפארק מספר פעמים. ואתמול בבוקר זכיתי למפגש מפתיע.

איזו נחישות | What a determination

שעשע אותי המבט הצידה | Amusing, that glance sideways

טרום ההתקרבות | Before the approach

ועוד מבט לבדוק שאין צופים | Another glance to check we're not watched

And maybe because we weren't watched, next came the cat's welcome-rub, to which I answered with a thank-you-petting, before we parted.

ואולי מפני שלא היו צופים, בשלב הבא אפילו זכיתי לחיכוך ברכה, עליו עניתי בליטוף תודה, טרום הפרידה.